Monday 30 October 2017

Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest Death with AED Defibrillators

We all know that cancer is a major killer in the U.S. but we often underestimate Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  It’s SCA that takes the lives without warning of people in their workplace, homes, public places, gyms, athletic events and yes even kids in school.  The American Heart Association claims there are a shocking 360,000 deaths each year, that’s 1,000 today and another 1,000 tomorrow, etc.  Cardiac Arrest is caused by an unexpected electrical misfire in the heart which causes the heart to quiver rapidly as part of a chaotic heart rhythm.  Following this the victim drops to the ground, loses consciousness, and is unable to breathe or show signs of life.  In short, the heart must be stopped by a defibrillation shock in hopes that it is restarted into a normal rhythm.  SCA happens to men and women, young and old, and even school aged schools and it is most unpredictable.

There’s a silver lining to these troubling statistics and that’s the technology has made possible public defibrillators which can be used by ordinary people to revive the victim and bring them back from sure death.  AEDs are Automated External Defibrillators and these surprisingly simple-to-use devices guide the responder through the rescue.  These are the general steps as to how to revive the victim:

1.    Direct someone to call 911 and direct some to retrieve the AED
2.    Begin CPR until the AED arrives
3.    The AED should be removed from the surface mount cabinet (unless already mobile)
4.    Open the carrying case but the AED sometimes does not need to be completely removed from the case
5.    Power on the AED which is done by pushing the power button or unlatching the AED lid
6.    Follow the AED’s voice prompts exactly as directed
7.    Look for visual prompts like a text screen, illuminating diagrams or a video screen (these are most helpful for noisy environments)
8.    Remove clothing from the victim’s chest
9.    Place the electrode pads as directed or diagrammed, one goes on the upper right of the bare chest and the other in the lower left
10.    Once the pads are placed properly the AED determines if a shock is required
11.    If a shockable rhythm is detected the AED will advise a shock
12.    If directed to deliver a shock push the shock button (some AEDs are fully-automatic which means it delivers a shock without having to push a shock button)
13.    How to use an AED When prompted to begin CPR place overlapping hands in the middle of the chest and push down approximately one third of the depth of the chest at the rate 100 compression per minute
14.    Subsequent shocks are sometimes required if the initial shock is not successful, the device will advise accordingly

Individuals handle pressure differently and thus training efforts should be maximized for the staff with CPR/AED training, instructional videos, and periodic refreshers. All these efforts improve the chance of a revival. If you have questions as to how to use an AED or your specific AED-type contact & AED One-Stop Shop for expert level consultative support.  If you’re interested on equipping your place of business, place of worship or organization now take a look at these popular bundles which include cabinets and signage and all the needed accessories for great overall value:

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Saturday 28 October 2017

How People Can Save Lives with Home AEDs?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the Nation’s biggest killers taking about 1,000 lives each day.  Unlike a heart attack which victims often survive, Cardiac Arrest is usually fatal because it’s an electrical misfire in the heart.  Victim’s lose consciousness, fall to the ground and death certainly follows unless CPR and defibrillation occur quickly.  Out of the hospital studies suggest that a casino is one of the best places to suffer an SCA because of the prominence of many AEDs, trained CPR responders and cameras to quickly identify an emergency situation.  One of the worst places to suffer SCA is in the home as public defibrillators are most often not available.  

When AEDs became available on the market they ranged upward of $2000 or $3000 each.  As adoption of AEDs has increased in workplaces, public settings, airports, schools and churches prices have come down quite dramatically.  

So what about the home?  Home defibrillators are becoming increasingly enticing as who do we love and care about more than our family and friends.  There are several AED types which are priced appropriately for the home setting that also have ease-of-use features that make it ideal for this type of use.  Might we recommend the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P for just $1225.00 which is not just affordable to buy but also economical to maintain, it uses a combined batter and pad called a PAD-PAK which is replaced just every 4-years.  HeartSine AEDs are remarkably easy to operate as they have both voice prompts and illuminating diagrams to help guide the responder through the rescue and through CPR.  We also recommend the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED for just $1199.00 from the same Philips who make trusted consumer electronic products.  The HeartStart AEDs are distinguished by their red carrying cases and product simplicity.  Responders appreciate that the AED will repeat and change prompting based on the pace of the rescuer.

When one considers what they spend on TVs, audio/video equipment, major appliances which might contribute to a nice lifestyle, making this approximately $1200 investment could help save a life and bring back a loved one from death.  We have helped many families with home defibrillators and many of whom have placed one in the home and one in their personal vehicles.  We applaud all who are thinking proactively and invest in this life-saving technology.  Visit for more or email us at or call 855-677-2337 for any questions or needs.

Monday 10 October 2016

Buy ZOLL AEDs, Batteries and Pads

Do you have ZOLL AEDs?  They are bright green and can’t be confused for any other type of public defibrillator.  In the world of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) ZOLL has a huge following.  ZOLL AED Plus devices protect lives in schools, universities, homes, businesses, government, law enforcement, fire departments, churches, gyms and more.  Some of the features that drive this massive adoption include:

-          Rugged AED Design
-          Plenty of visual prompt (diagrams, led lights, text screen)
-          Real time CPR coaching
-          Escalating energy defibrillation
-          Automatic shock delivery option
-          Low cost of ownership
-          Pads with long expiration life
-          Consumer type batteries
-          Included accessories has provided a great many of these innovative Automated External Defibrillators to help protect life and heighten safety.  Visit our ZOLL page for more on this brand.  You’ll also find has great prices on the ZOLL AED Plus “Fully Auto” or “Semi-Auto” type with a shock button.  Furthermore we have great pricing on the ZOLL lithium batteries, Stat-Padz and CPR-Padz.

Call us at 505-800-5280 for more on ZOLL AED equipment.  And for perhaps the very best value on the internet check out the ZOLL AED Plus Workplace and Community Bundle and see what you get for $1750 and keep in mind that this is only available from

If you represent a Fire Department, EMS Agency or Physician Clinic then you should take a look at the ZOLL AED PRO from

Sunday 9 October 2016

AED Defibrillator Machine

Why do some small businesses (and medium ones too) not have workplace AEDs (Defibrillators) to protect their employees, customers and visitors?  In short, it’s usually a misperception or lack of understanding about one of three concerns:  the cost of AEDs, safety features of AEDs, or liability fears. 

AED One-Stop Shop provides straight answers to customer questions and concerns.  We use our industry knowledge to arm our customers with the facts.  Ultimately the decision to protect lives with AEDs or not is theirs but we provide expert opinion and great resources that organizations can weigh.  Call 855-677-2337 to speak with us or email us at

Once you get the facts straight that AEDs are affordable, that they’re reliable and safe and that there are laws to protect you and your organization there’s only two remaining questions.  Which AED type do you buy and who do you buy it from?  Here are the leading brands offered by AED One-Stop Shop.

·                  LIFEPAK AEDs by Physio-Control

·                  Philips HeartStart AEDs by Philips Healthcare

·                  Lifeline AEDs by Defibtech

·                  ZOLL AEDs by ZOLL Medical Corporation

·                  Samaritan PAD AEDs by HeartSine

And beyond the AEDs themselves here are a few resources for CPR/AED training and AED Program Management including Medical Direction or Oversight:

·         American Heart Association

·         En-Pro AED Management

We hope you enjoy these resources.  If you prefer a hands on approach with a free consultative you can speak with then visit AED One-Stop Shop.  If however you’re the type of consumer that likes to shop online and buy from an ecommerce site then you might like our partner  Either way take action right away and invest in life-protecting AEDs.

Thursday 8 September 2016

HeartSine Samaritan AEDs

Introducing the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P from  PAD stands for Public Access Defibrillator and this AED machine is indeed designed for the public and any ordinary person to save a human life.  HeartSine was founded in 1998 but their roots go back to 1967 when they invented the first mobile defibrillator.  Today their Samaritan AED is considered one of the most innovative devices in the industry due to its ease-of-use, compact size, resiliency and low price point which make it viable for any business, organization or even the home.
Here are some HeartSine Products offered by

You’ll be delighted with the HeartSine life-saving products and equipment.  You’ll also be delighted with which is revolutionizing online buying of AEDs with low pricing, simple navigation and much more.  Browse our site to see why savvy safety professionals prefer